The 12 soaps of Christmas: Day 10

Snuggle Blanket 4

The long, cold winter nights have settled in. I don’t know about you, but one of the best ways to pass the time is to snuggle up with my honey under a cozy blankie and sip some homemade cocoa (marshmallows optional).

When I’m cold, I like to cuddle up to my sweetie pie and “steal his heat,” because the man freakin’ radiates heat. I am seriously jealous of his internal furnace, because I spend the winter months with my fingers and toes feeling permanently frozen. Sometimes I think getting hot flashes would be welcome, but my menopausal acquaintances assure me I will think otherwise when they actually start to happen.

Anyway… back to cuddling. If I’m lucky enough to catch my man after he showers, I can smell the scent of the shaving cream he uses. It’s lovely. The scent of this Snuggle Blanket soap smells just like it; it’s the next best thing to having him around.

The 12 soaps of Christmas: Day 8

Citrus Clouds 5

This soap makes me imagine what it’s like to be a famous celebrity living on my fabulous ranch in southern California.

I’m between movies having a lazy day. I decide to take a walk in my personal citrus grove; the one that is tended to by someone on my payroll. I decide to spread my ethically sourced bamboo and cashmere blanket on the ground and take in the scenery. The scent is intoxicating. I look up and see a sunny sky with perfect, fluffy clouds straight from central casting. My hunky boyfriend brings me my macrobiotic lunch and proceeds to rub my feet. It’s so good to be me…

Our Citrus Clouds soap may not bring you a perfect celebrity lifestyle, but it certainly is a favorite on Emmet Street. Whether you have to be on the set or in a cubicle at 8 a.m., this soap packs a wake-you-up-in-the-morning wallop with its orange and lemon verbena fragrance.

The 12 soaps of Christmas: Day 4

Katy's Rose 6

This soap was named after one of my co-workers whose fiancé sets the bar high for all men when it comes to romantic gestures.

Every Monday, he brings her a fresh bouquet of flowers to adorn her desk, usually roses. I’ve worked with her for five years and I don’t think he’s missed a week yet. I should quit my job and become a florist—her beloved would keep the business afloat.

A Rose for Katy is a soap that features red Brazilian clay, which is good for oily skin. Katy says her skin has never looked better since she’s been using this soap—though I think the weekly flower delivery may have something to do with that, too. Either way, these bars are long lasting and good for getting the oil off your hands after cooking and removing “gardening ick” off them after an afternoon of playing in the dirt.

The 12 soaps of Christmas: Day 3

Choc Lav 5

Oh. My. God. Becky, look at her soap.

No, really, look at it. It’s a thing of beauty. And it smells even more heavenly that it looks. Seriously, it smells like a chocolate-covered goodness straight of the box. You’ll be tempted to take a bite out of it, but don’t. You’ll regret it immediately. Because it’s soap and soap is not good food.

You may want to use this Chocolate Lavender Truffle soap only on days you don’t have to go into the office, because your co-workers might try to lick you in the elevator. That would be awkward. And, probably, unwelcome.

So it begins

birds nest

birds nest by Hobbies on a Budget, on Flickr. CC BY 2.0.

Seasons greetings! You’ve read the story behind the birth of Emmet Street Creations. Now, let us introduce you to some of the soaps Emmet Street Creations has whipped up.

Since we’re in the swing of the Christmas season, we’re going to riff on “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and introduce you to 12 of our favorites over the next 12 days. We hope you get just as worked up into a lather over Emmet Street Creations handcrafted soaps as we are!