I’ve got my head in the (citrus) clouds again…

Citrus Clouds

This soap makes me imagine what it’s like to be a famous celebrity living on my fabulous ranch in southern California.

I’m between movies having a lazy day. I decide to take a walk in my personal citrus grove; the one that is tended to by someone on my payroll. I decide to spread my ethically sourced bamboo and cashmere blanket on the ground and take in the scenery. The scent is intoxicating. I look up and see a sunny sky with perfect, fluffy clouds straight from central casting. My hunky boyfriend brings me my macrobiotic lunch and proceeds to rub my feet. It’s so good to be me…

Our Citrus Clouds soap may not bring you a perfect celebrity lifestyle, but it certainly is a favorite on Emmet Street. Whether you have to be on the set or in a cubicle at 8 a.m., this soap packs a wake-you-up-in-the-morning wallop with its orange and lemon verbena fragrance.

The 12 soaps of Christmas: Day 5

Soap a l'orange 5

I don’t know about you, but I am not a morning person. I’m groggy and can’t put together a coherent sentence. Once, I got to work and couldn’t remember if I let the dog back in the house. (And, yes, because I wasn’t sure, I went back home to check. I’m happy to report when I arrived, she was fine and snuggled into her favorite sleeping spot. Her favorite sleeping spot inside the house.)

Needless to say, getting ready for work in the morning is a challenge. On those particularly rough days, this Soap á l’orange is the perfect pick-me-up. The scent of orange essential oil perks you up and transforms your shower into an orange grove. It’s a proven winner on Emmet Street, it’s hard to keep the stuff in stock—you should get yours now!