What makes you feel at home?

Cat on the doorstep

Image credit: Cat on the doorstep by jmv, on Flickr. CC BY 2.0.

In her recent TED Talk, author Elizabeth Gilbert discussed the importance of going home to deal with the failures life can bring.

She defined “home” as doing something you love more than you love yourself.

I think I would love spending time in the Skybrary of the home she recently put on the market more than I would love myself. Anyone have $1 million they want to give me so I can buy it?

The 13 most memorable internet videos of 2013

Since the entire internet is buzzing with “best of the year” lists, Christine and I had a meeting of the minds and decided to present to you The Most Memorable Internet Videos of 2013.*  

We couldn’t agree on the top 13, so we each made our own lists. I’ll start. Enjoy!

The remaining videos on my list were not released in 2013, but I have watched them (some several times), loved them and remembered them. My list, my rules people.

(Warning: If you’re unfamiliar with TED Talks, don’t click on these links until you have hours of time to waste. I get sucked into the vortex of watching more videos than I planned because they’re so darn good.)

Check back Monday to see the 13 videos that made new neural pathways in Christine’s brain…


*Christine and I made up this list. Our definition of “memorable” means we actually remember watching these videos in 2013.