Celebrate apple season with 3 delicious recipes


The leaves are starting to turn and the weather is cooling down here in Ohio. Fall is upon us and with it comes apple season! I’ve been an apple lover my entire life. As a kid, we used to go to an apple orchard near Mansfield called Apple Hill Orchards. There was nothing like munching on fresh picked apples in the back seat of the car on the drive home.

Occasionally, I’ll make the trek down to mid-Ohio just to get a gallon of their unpasteurized apple cider. The best part of the visit is filling my own jug from one of their spigots while dodging the ever-present bees and wasps that are trying to get a quick taste of the sweet juice. I’ve had a lot of cider in my life and none of it has ever come close to the complex flavor of Apple Hill’s cider. It’s a dark and cloudy cider with a tangy yet sweet taste. It’s pure unadulterated apple goodness!

Closer to home, I love going to Patterson’s Fruit Farm in Chesterland. I begin stalking their website in August to find out when their Honeycrisp apples will be available. This year, I noticed that they’re selling huge bags of “ugly” apples and I’ve been thinking about buying a bag. But, before I do, I need to form a plan for using them so I’ve been looking around for ways to use up a large quantity of apples.

Here are a few ideas I found:

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