The 12 soaps of Christmas: Day 10

Snuggle Blanket 4

The long, cold winter nights have settled in. I don’t know about you, but one of the best ways to pass the time is to snuggle up with my honey under a cozy blankie and sip some homemade cocoa (marshmallows optional).

When I’m cold, I like to cuddle up to my sweetie pie and “steal his heat,” because the man freakin’ radiates heat. I am seriously jealous of his internal furnace, because I spend the winter months with my fingers and toes feeling permanently frozen. Sometimes I think getting hot flashes would be welcome, but my menopausal acquaintances assure me I will think otherwise when they actually start to happen.

Anyway… back to cuddling. If I’m lucky enough to catch my man after he showers, I can smell the scent of the shaving cream he uses. It’s lovely. The scent of this Snuggle Blanket soap smells just like it; it’s the next best thing to having him around.

The 12 soaps of Christmas: Day 9

Beachin 3

Nothing says Christmas to me like a day at the beach. Seriously.

For many years, some of my favorite Christmases were spent on a beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida. My parents wanted to flee the winter cold that had settled in. And, if I had to speculate, they also wanted to escape the frenzy of family gatherings we would be obligated to attend had we actually been in Ohio. (Thank you, Mom and Dad, for providing your introverted child the opportunity to avoid some of those functions. That was the greatest Christmas gift of all time.)

Looking at this soap reminds me of the ocean and the white sand beaches where my brothers and I spent hours looking for shells and other treasures that washed ashore when the tide rolled in. I can almost hear the waves hitting the shore. I think I’ll be booking a trip soon…

While I’m waiting for that day to come, I’ll use this Beachin’ soap and think fondly of Christmases past.

The 12 soaps of Christmas: Day 8

Citrus Clouds 5

This soap makes me imagine what it’s like to be a famous celebrity living on my fabulous ranch in southern California.

I’m between movies having a lazy day. I decide to take a walk in my personal citrus grove; the one that is tended to by someone on my payroll. I decide to spread my ethically sourced bamboo and cashmere blanket on the ground and take in the scenery. The scent is intoxicating. I look up and see a sunny sky with perfect, fluffy clouds straight from central casting. My hunky boyfriend brings me my macrobiotic lunch and proceeds to rub my feet. It’s so good to be me…

Our Citrus Clouds soap may not bring you a perfect celebrity lifestyle, but it certainly is a favorite on Emmet Street. Whether you have to be on the set or in a cubicle at 8 a.m., this soap packs a wake-you-up-in-the-morning wallop with its orange and lemon verbena fragrance.

The 12 soaps of Christmas: Day 7

Summer Block Party 5

When I think of summer on Emmet Street, I think of sitting on the front porch chatting with the neighbors, running barefoot in the grass, catching lightning bugs and neighborhood block parties. Those parties were a blast—we got to stay up late, sneak sips of Dad’s beer and listen to the raucous banjo playing that broke out as the evening wore on.

No summer block party was without food. Platters of burgers, freshly cut melon and other bounty fresh from our gardens made it to the picnic table.

With just one whiff, Emmet Street Creations’ Summer Block Party soap, with its fresh cucumber, melon and pear scent takes me back to those lazy summer days.

The 12 soaps of Christmas: Day 6

Morning Zen 4

Some days do you get up feeling stressed out over all you have to get done that day? No, that’s just me?

Well, when I do have those kind of mornings, Morning Zen is just what the Buddha ordered to restore me to calm and focus. Looking at the green and white swirls in the soap reminds me to stay in the present, relax and push the mental to-do list to the side. The lemongrass and green tea scent is invigorating and gets me ready to take on the day.