Traditional Costa Rican coffee

Traditional Costa Rican Coffee

Editor’s note: We’re taking some time for rest and relaxation. While we’re away, we’re reposting our Costa Rica getaway series. Enjoy!

I’ve never been much of a coffee connoisseur. I settle for a single cup in the morning to wake me up and after that, I don’t think much about it. That was until I discovered a traditional Costa Rican method for making coffee that changed my life.

While staying in Monteverde during my recent trip to Costa Rica, Matt and I took a walk through the town and stumbled across the Cafe Orchid Coffee Shop. This cute little coffee shop is one of the few places I found that makes coffee using a traditional “chorreador.”

A chorreador is a wooden stand that allows a cloth filter, called a “bolsita,” filled with coffee grounds to be suspended over a small pot or a coffee cup. Hot water is slowly poured into the filter and drips out the bottom.


The cloth filter allows all the smooth rich coffee taste to leach out and leaves behind the harsher acidic notes that sometimes bother my tummy. The filter is also reusable, which cuts down on waste. We had our coffee con leche (with milk) and snacked on a yummy chocolate brownie while taking in the beautiful decor of the shop.

Cafe Orchid Coffee Shop in Monteverde

I was immediately hooked on this coffee. So hooked that I bought two chorreadors as souvenirs. Every Saturday and Sunday morning, I make our coffee using this method and it brings a little something special to the start of our day.

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