Monday musings: Handmade soap and good, clean fun


American Woodcock

American Woodcock

The weather has been beautiful in Ohio the last few days so Matt and I decided to get some practice with our spotting scope. As we were walking through the forest at Sandy Ridge Reservation, we noticed a group of people huddled together pointing and looking into he woods. (This is always a good sign for a birder.) Sitting in the leaf litter, as still as can be, was an American Woodcock, a type of sandpiper that lives in the forest and eats earthworms. Their camouflaged feathers make them hard to spot when they aren’t moving. Staying still is part of their defense and it makes it very easy to take great pictures!

Handmade soap

There are so many creative soap makers that inspire us. Check out some of our favorite finds on Pinterest! (Are we pinning buddies there? We should be.)

Good, clean fun

If you’re not following us on <insert 1 chosen social media outlet here>, here’s some of the fun you missed:

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