Soap making secrets: Color inspiration

Soap making secrets: Color inspiration

Last weekend, I took a trip to the Sandy Ridge Reservation in Lorain county. I love going to this reservation because of the number and diversity of birds I can see. But, in the late summer, the colors interest me as much as the birds. Late summer wildflowers, like tickseed and goldenrod, are on full display. On a stormy day, I love the contrast of the bright yellow flowers with the dark grey of the sky.

I often look to nature to find inspiration in my soap making. I gravitate towards the color blue. It reminds me of the summer sky and I tend to use it over and over. But, after my trip to the park, I posted a picture of a monarch caterpillar on Facebook. One of my followers mentioned that its colors would look great in a soap and I couldn’t agree more! So, I’m planning a new soap that will incorporate these amazing black, white and yellow stripes. I’ll be sure to provide updates on my progress!

Monarch caterpillar

I didn’t find a lot of birds at the park during this trip but I did find a lot of inspiration so I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures from the day.

Yellow tickseed sunflowers


Yellow and white wild flowers


Yellow and purple wildflowers


Yellow flowers against a stormy sky


Where do you find inspiration for your art? Share your thoughts in the comments section!