Monday musings: Handmade soap and good, clean fun

Watermelon feta saladThings have been heating up around Emmet Street this week. Literally. Northeast Ohio summer heat and humidity have arrived, but we’re making the best of it (it sure beats snow).

I hit the road and traveled to my homeland to let my dad know I’m glad he helped create me and give him some tokens of my affection.

Christine started planning the haul for the next ESC road trip and counting the hours until The Flea at the Evaporator Works this Saturday (we’ll be there from 9-5, the wonderful scent wafting from our booth acting as a siren’s call to shoppers), come out and be enchanted!

Handmade soap

There are so many creative soap makers that inspire us. Check out some of our favorite finds on Pinterest! (Are we pinning buddies there? We should be.)

  • Watermelon Sugar Scrub Soap – Summer fun involves eating watermelon and, for some, hitting the beach. This soap looks good enough to eat and gets your skin ready for its post-tan glow.
  • Lavender Lemonade Soap – What’s better than sipping on lemonade in the summer? Smelling like it in the shower!
  • Lime in the Coconut Soap– Christine will tell you mojitos are the perfect summer cocktail. The scent of this soap will take you back to your favorite summertime cocktail hour.

Good, clean fun

If you’re not following us on Facebook, here’s some of the fun you missed:

  • Saltine Crack Ice Cream Recipe – Well played, Smitten Kitchen. This looks like food crack. Delicious, delicious food crack.
  • Garlic Cheddar Biscuits Recipe – Apparently we were drawn to all things gluttonous this week on our Facebook page. Dang, these look good.
  • Have you tried the OXO GreenSaver? – Here’s our penance for the food porn: we started thinking about salad again. Based on this review from The Kitchn, I think I’m going to give this product a whirl. Have you tried it? Is it worth the clams to ditch the clamshell containers?

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It’s been so hot and humid around my place I’ve been thinking about all things water based (when I haven’t been daydreaming about crack ice cream or cheesy biscuits). This lavender lemonade and watermelon and feta salad are some tasty ways I’ll keep myself hydrated.