Soap making secrets: The benefits of castor oil

Before I started making soap, the only things I knew about castor oil came from The Little Rascals. From what I could gather, it smells bad, tastes bad and is given to unfortunate children for no other reason than to torture them. Then I started researching the science of soap making and learned about the benefits of castor oil.

Castor oil comes from pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant. When ingested, castor oil is a strong laxative. (No wonder Spanky didn’t want to take it.) I use castor oil in several of my soaps. Not only is it moisturizing and wonderful for your skin, it also helps boost the lather generated from coconut oil, making it creamy and long lasting. When I received my first shipment of castor oil, I was happy to find out that it doesn’t smell at all.

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