Monday musings: Handmade soap and good, clean fun

Canada geese babiesWe’ll be seeing lots of little guys like this around here soon…

It’s been another busy week here on Emmet Street. Christine decided to indulge another hobby of hers, birding, and take in the migration that is happening around the Jersey Shore this time of year. Hopefully, the species flying through got their GTL in before Christine got there so she won’t be disappointed!

We also got confirmation that Emmet Street Creations will be a vendor at  The Flea at the Evaporator Works in Hudson, Ohio on May 30. We’ll be there (51 South Main Street) slinging soap from 9 AM to 4 PM. So make plans to come by and see us!

Handmade soap

There are so many creative soap makers that inspire us. Check out some of our favorite finds (inspired by the arrival of spring and my favorite springtime flowers) on Pinterest! (Are we pinning buddies there? We should be.)

  • Lilac soap – My lilac tree is in full bloom right now. The scent is enchanting. Once the blooms are gone, this soap from Sciarretta Farms bring back fond garden memories.
  • Lavender soap – I love, love, love lavender. I love the packaging on this melt and pour soap made by Sarah Johnson.
  • Violet soap – Wild violets are blooming all over my yard right now. They are so sweet to look at. This soap from i am handmade is, too.

Good, clean fun

If you’re not following us on Facebook, here’s some of the fun you missed:

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