Soap making secrets: The benefits of rice bran oil in handmade soap

 Soap making secret weapon: Rice bran oil

Beachin’ handmade soap by Emmet Street Creations has a beautiful swirl thanks to rice bran oil.

As a 40-something woman, I find my skin is becoming more sensitive and prone to drying out and becoming itchy. When I think about developing a handmade soap formula, I have two main goals in mind: Soothing my itchiness while making a bar of soap that’s beautiful to look at.

What’s my secret weapon to achieve these goals? Rice bran oil.

Rice bran oil is expressed from the outer husk of rice. It’s rich in vitamin E, is low cleansing and highly moisturizing. When mixed with ingredients like highly cleansing coconut oil, it helps to make a balanced, gentle bar of soap that is perfect for people with sensitive or mature skin.

Rice bran oil is a liquid oil, which makes it perfect for designing beautiful swirls in soap. When a soap recipe uses a higher concentration of liquid oils, the chemical reaction that turns lye, water and oils into hard soap takes a little longer. This keeps the soap batter fluid for a longer period of time and gives the handmade soapmaker time to play with colors and designs. I liken it to painting. It’s easier to achieve delicate details with paint that’s fluid than with paint that has started to dry out and become thick and clumpy.

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