Monday musings: Handmade soap and good, clean fun

Spring crocusIt’s been another busy week on Emmet Street! We’ve been enjoying the lovely spring blooms that have awakened from their winter nap and making time to get outside a bit more.

Saturday we got out to our first maker fair: Akron’s Crafty Mart! Thank you to everyone who came out to see Christine and check out her handcrafted soap products and body butters! After a successful day of slinging soap, she’s now resting up for another session in the soap lab to replenish her stock. (And maybe create a few new flavors and products for the Emmet Street Creations Etsy store…)

Handmade soap

There are so many creative soap makers that inspire us. Check out some of our favorite finds on Pinterest! (Are we pinning buddies there? We should be.)

  • The Road Less Traveled soap – I love goats and I love Robert Frost’s poetry. So, of course I would love this soap from A Life Deliberate Soap Co. And that (it looks like a green meadow) has made all the difference.
  • Uzbek Silk soap – This swirl pattern created by Steso appeals to my inner hippie.
  • Beachfront soap – The color pattern in this soap reminds me of the blue skies and sunshine we’ve (finally!) been experiencing in northeast Ohio. I’m sure the scent of this soap–hand crafted by friend of the blog Marte Ravn Tovik–is wonderful, too.

Good, clean fun

If you’re not following us on Instagram, here’s some of the fun you missed:

  • Travel-sized soap sticks – The summer travel season will be here soon! Love our soap, but find it’s difficult to travel with? How about a small bar that’s just the right amount to get you through your summer holiday? Christine introduced these soap sticks at Crafty Mart, and you just might be able to find them in the Emmet Street Creations Etsy store soon!
  • Christine got some new birding gear! – That’s a pretty slick telescope for birding. I hope it doesn’t inspire Christine to travel the world and give up her soap lab–I’m hooked on her handcrafted soap products!
  • Ain’t no party like a butterfly party – It’s spring! Time to get outside and commune with nature. You might even get to crash a party of epic proportions when you do.

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