March 20: International Day of Happiness

It's spring! Image credit: Purple Beauties by Audrey, on Flickr (modified). CC BY 2.0. 

Today is an important day for two reasons. It’s the first day of spring (hooray!) and it’s the International Day of Happiness.

This day was first commemorated on March 20, 2012, due to a U.N. resolution designed to recognize the importance of happiness to the human experience and consider this in public policy decision making. Since then, several organizations have rallied to promote awareness of this day and encourage people to celebrate by cultivating happiness within themselves and sharing it with others. If you’re looking for ideas to celebrate today, check out the International Day of Happiness and Acts of Happiness websites.

Ultimately, the goal is for us to create happiness within ourselves every day. When you do so, it spills over into your interactions with others, making the world a healthier, happier place. Need help doing so? Project Happiness offers tools to help get you started.

Personally, I try to find or do one thing each day to remind me of my reasons to celebrate life and be grateful. Today, as my effort to spread a little happiness around, I’m sharing the first lip sync battle from The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon + Paul Rudd + lip sync battle = a happy heart:

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