Soap making secrets: Why buy handmade soap?

Why buy handmade soap?Sometimes I’m asked, “Why should I buy handmade soap, the soap at the grocery store is cheaper?” There’s a short answer and a long answer to this question. The short answer involves me handing you a bar of soap and challenging you to give it a try. If your skin doesn’t feel measurably different after the bar is gone, by all means, continue to use your store-bought soap. I’ve been able to get many people hooked on handmade soap this way.

However, since you aren’t standing in front of me right now, here are my top three reasons for why you should buy handmade soap.

The soap you by in the store usually isn’t soap

There are thousands and thousands of articles on the internet that explain the difference between handmade soap and commercially made soap. In a nutshell, the soap you buy at the grocery store is chock full of synthetic chemicals and additives that help the soap companies produce the bar as cheaply as possible. None of these ingredients do much for your skin and some are known irritants.

Handmade soap, like the kind that Emmet Street Creations sells, contains a handful of natural ingredients that benefit your skin. Compare our label to your store-bought label and you’ll see the difference. If you’d like to read more on this topic, check out this article about the benefits of using handmade soap from Natural News.

When you buy handmade, you support small businesses and artisans

Every handmade soap maker that you meet is also an artist. From formulating the recipe to deciding on scents and colors, to slicing and curing the batch, we put hours of hard work into every product we make.

We are small business owners and many of us try to make a living off the products we make. When you buy a bar of soap from a vendor at a craft show, you pump money into the local economy. When you buy online at Etsy or another site, you are supporting an entrepreneur.

When you buy handmade, you encourage that maker to keep making and growing and honing their skills.

Because you’re worth it

Our goal at Emmet Street is, and always will be, to nourish your skin and to make your morning shower an event to look forward to, not just a chore to do before work. For a few minutes every morning, we want you to take your mind off the mundane tasks of your day and to reflect on the beauty of the world that is all around you. We believe a bar of soap that smells amazing and is beautiful to look at can help you do just that.

Is your interest piqued? Head on over to the Emmet Street Creations Etsy store and give one of our handmade creations a try!

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