The Loofah Soap Experiment: Update #6

The loofah experiment: Update 5

I successfully picked, peeled, washed and dried two loofah before the snow started to fall here in Ohio. Sadly, the rest of the loofah didn’t dry out before the temperatures plummeted.

Soon, I’ll unveil the soap that I made with the loofah I was able to harvest. In the meantime, I thought I’d share this video to show what a loofah being peeled looks and sounds like. I’m thinking about using this as an audition piece for a sound effects technician on “The Walking Dead.”


2 thoughts on “The Loofah Soap Experiment: Update #6

  1. Thank you for video. I want to grow these and now I see how they look. I will check back to see what you did with them.

    • We should have an post about the final product soon. Follow us here or on Twitter or Facebook to get the update!

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