Hosting Thanksgiving? 5 easy ideas to make your festivities a little more festive

Make your Thanksgiving festive!

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Martha’s not the only one that has the magical power to make a joint festive you know! In the past, my ideas of home decorating for the holiday meant turkeys made from a hand tracing and pilgrim hats and cornucopia made of construction paper (I may have been seven years old, but still). We can do better than that people!

Creating a festive scene will keep things lively, maybe even lively enough to distract Uncle Rick from doing what he does every year: talking about politics and getting into a fight with Aunt Hillary.

In the interest of helping you step up your hosting game and creating harmony, I’ve done some poking around the web and found some easy and inexpensive ideas to try. As an added bonus, if you have any kids home from school you can keep them busy by saddling them with this task working with them on these projects. Cheap materials, free labor–everyone wins!

  • Paper utensil holders with an inspiring Thanksgiving quote – There’s also an option to print the quote as a paper sized poster, if you want to avoid getting out the scissors and glue.
  • Fall leaf bowl – This project uses real leaves and a papier mache technique to craft a decorative bowl. I think it might take several hours for your kids to find the most perfect leaves for this project. Right?
  • The Thankful Tree – I love this idea! Not only can you put up your reasons for giving thanks on the tree, it would be a fun to ask your guests to contribute theirs, too.
  • Fall Hurricane Vases – Dried beans and popping corn dumped in a glass vessel. Does it get any easier? Use flameless candles and you can avoid the melted wax mess. If your dinner is served buffet style, I think it would look great if you used this idea with a wider and lower profile glass container to hold utensils in.
  • Indian Corn Thanksgiving favors – Who doesn’t like to be given a little something sweet (and adorable) to take home at the end of the party?

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! We’re grateful to have you visit Emmet Street!