A farewell to autumn

Farewell autumn

A recent road trip to the Ozarks Mountains in Arkansas showed us some of fall’s finery

I know, I know–autumn doesn’t officially end until the winter solstice starts on Dec. 21. But, with the U.S. Election Day behind us, Veteran’s Day tomorrow and high school football championships coming upon us, it feels like autumn has come to an end.

The record low temperatures we’re expecting this week don’t help make the case that winter is still more than a month away. I’ve begun rotating my warmest sweaters and snuggliest slippers to the prime real estate in my closet, stocking up on my favorite teas and making a mental list of the books I want to cozy up with when the weather makes it unbearable to go outside.

While I’ve been making the mental transition to winter, I’ve been reminiscing about the things I’ll miss when I’m cooped up indoors, wrapped in a blanket. Before I got too weepy, I sorted through some pictures I took during the season to help me remember happier times.

Here are a few of the things I’ll miss seeing this winter…

Old barns and thriving corn fields

Corn field with an old barn in the background

Bright blue skies with happy, fluffy clouds

Blue sky over a corn field

Seeing old tractors out and about

Old Tractor - Ford 8N

Old tractor - A Farmall Cub

Stumbling upon interesting critters in the garden

Garden spider

Finding quirky fall festivals like the Kidron Beet Festival (this guy took the prize for the largest beet, 19 1/2 pounds)

Winner of Largest Beet at the Kidron Beet Festival

And avoiding scary things, like haunted houses.

Haunted house for sale

So, what will you miss about fall? Do you find anything good about winter? Inspire me to get excited about entering the arctic season!