For the love of… Pumpkin! (Pumpkin recipe roundup!)

For the love of... pumpkin! Pumpkin recipe roundupImage credit: Pumpkins by tibbygirl on Flickr. CC BY 2.0.

All home cooks know what a tasty and versatile ingredient pumpkin is. You can use it in savory recipes or sweet recipes. You can roast a fresh pumpkin, or you can save some time and get it (pretty cheaply this time of year) in a can.

Now that pretty much everyone is going nuts for all things pumpkin at the moment, so I thought I’d share a few recipes that I’ve tried (or I am adding to my winter cooking wish list) to inspire you to try whipping some of this up for yourself.

On the light (healthy and tasty) side:

The dark (less healthy, but tasty) side:

Now it’s your turn! Share some of your favorites in the comments! I always love to hear new ways to add more (pumpkin pie) spice to my life!