Eating Amish: A sampling of Ohio Amish Country food options

Ohio Amish Country Kidron Beet Festival

I’m making plans to attend next year’s festival–Mmm, beets!

Since I took my Ohio Amish Country tour, I’m feeling full of Ohio Pride. I’m also still feeling pretty full because there were so many places to get some down-home cooking!

Planning a trip? Here’s a list of some of the places worth checking out:

  • Amish Door Restaurant – One of the few places I noticed that marked which of their menu offerings were low fat. If you’re feeling indulgent, they have a substantial buffet.
  • Boyd & Wurthmann – Want to get an old-school family restaurant experience? Check this place out–it even has counter seating! It’s said to be the oldest continuously run restaurant in Berlin and I’ve heard you don’t get the barrage of gift shop goodies like you do in the other restaurants in the area.
  • Chalet in the Valley – This is a Swiss-style restaurant. Chocolate and cheese fondue options are on the menu. What else do I need to say?
  • Coblentz Chocolate Company – More chocolate? Yes, please!
  • Dutch Valley/Der Dutchman Restaurant – Owned by the same family-run company these restaurants serve hearty, made from scratch meals. Even though they claim to serve 2 million meals a year, service is friendly and fast.
  • Kauffman Country Bakery – Like baked treats? I think there are few things better than fresh-baked bread. (On an average day they make over 250 loaves!) They also offer sweet treats like cookie and pies, so there’s something for everyone. I’m sure this time of year they’re stocked with all things pumpkin, too.

Based on the places I tried, I have to say you need to forgo any special dietary needs while you’re there (especially vegetarian or vegan). To be fair, I didn’t try too hard. When you walk in, you are assaulted by some pretty good smells so I wavered from my usual careful eating habits.

Have you been to Ohio Amish Country? What’s on your “must eat” list while you’re there?