Look what we’ve cooked up in the kitchen: Chocolate lavender truffle handcrafted soap!

Emmet Street Creations Chocolate Lavender Truffle Handcrafted Soap

This soap leaves me feeling very confused.

It smells like a luscious chocolate lavender truffle made by a high-end chocolatier. I want to take a big bite out of it, but I know I can’t because it’s soap and–although it’s made from natural ingredients like olive, coconut and palm oils–soap is not good food.

My only consolation is because Emmet Street Creations Chocolate Lavender Truffle handcrafted soap is made from such natural moisturizing ingredients, I will be rewarded with luxuriously soft skin. The chocolate fragrance oil and lavender essential oil has me smelling great, too.

Don’t believe this soap can smell as good as I say it does? Why not try it out for yourself? You can find it, along with many other tantalizing scent options, in the Emmet Street Creations store on Etsy.