Cucumber, avocado and wheatgrass soap

I have a surplus of cucumbers in my garden right now. Someone had the bright idea to plant five cucumber plants for two people. I’ve been eating cucumbers like crazy and I can’t keep up. Since I don’t use chemical fertilizers or pesticides in my garden, I decided the cucumbers would be perfect for making soap. Cucumber is a wonderful skin toner and when used in soap, has gentle cleansing properties.

I juiced a couple of large cucumbers and made a batch of soap by replacing all of the water I would normally use with cucumber juice. I wanted to make this batch moisturizing and luxurious, so I used oils of olive, coconut, palm, hemp seed and avocado. I also used a generous portion of avocado butter, my new favorite butter. In its raw form, it’s rich and creamy and very easy to work with. In soap, it provides gentle moisturizing and loads of vitamins and antioxidants.

Cucumber juice

I colored the soap with powdered wheatgrass, something I’ve wanted to try as a natural colorant for a while now. I was not disappointed. The soap came out a very pretty light green color.

Cucumber avocado and wheatgrass soap

This all natural soap, scented with lime essential oil, will need to some time to cure and will be available in my Etsy shop in about 6 weeks. The waiting is the hardest part!

Do you make soap? Which foods and natural ingredients have you used in soap making?