The Loofah Soap Experiment: Update #2

Where has the time gone? Between prepping for my first Cleveland Bazaar and making more soap to replenish my stock, I almost forgot about posting an update on how my loofah is growing. Looking back on my last update, I can’t believe how much the plant as grown. It went from this sweet little seedling:

Loofah seedling

So cute.

To this Little Shop of Horrors like vine:

Loofah vine

“Feed me!”

I’m not sure how big this vine is going to get, or where it’s going to go, but for now it seems happy to grow up the side of the bird net covering my blackberries.


Loofah and blackberry

Don’t get too close to those tendrils!

I’ve read that loofah can have a very long growing season and needs warm temperatures to thrive. We’ve been having an uncharacteristically cool summer so far, so I’m not surprised that it’s mid-July and I’m only now seeing flower buds. Hopefully the temperatures warm up and I get a couple of good sized loofahs by the end of the summer.

Loofah flower bud

Are you growing anything fun in your yard this year? I’d love to hear about your gardening adventures!

2 thoughts on “The Loofah Soap Experiment: Update #2

  1. I have had one set of buds for like 4 weeks now and they have not opened.. how long do they take to finally open?
    Thank you!

    • Goodness, that seems like a long time! I only grew loofah one summer and decided they took up way too much space so I’m not an expert. But in my research, I learned they are very difficult to grow if you don’t live in a tropical region. Here are some things to consider, though. Cold spells can make them stop growing for several weeks. Here in Ohio, we had an unusually cold spring and early summer. It then turned blazing hot. So stress from the weather could be a factor. Some varieties bloom only at night. Check them after the sun goes down, maybe you’ll get a nice surprise! If the buds you are seeing are grouped together in a bunch near the base of the plant they are male. The female flowers show up on the vine and usually come out later than the males. I’m not sure if male flowers take longer because they are waiting for the ladies? I haven’t researched that but it might be something to look in to. Good luck! I hope things turn around and your plant is prolific!

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