New creation in our Etsy shop: Desert breeze handcrafted soap

Desert Breeze Handcrafted Soap by Emmet Street Creations

 Look what blew into the Emmet Street Creations shop… a Desert Breeze!

Just like a cool breeze is a welcome respite from the desert heat, Emmet Street Creations‘ newest offering Desert Breeze is a refreshing change to your shower experience.

This scent is perfect for everyone in the household: an earthy blend containing a hint of citrus, rose and sandalwood. One whiff of Desert Breeze and you’re transported to the rocky landscapes of the American Southwest–equal parts beautiful and mystical–and experiencing the easygoing attitude of a local. While you’re there, the all-natural coconut, palm, olive and rice bran oil will keep your skin moisturized and protected from the arid desert climes.

So, pull up a hammock, lay back and enjoy the Desert Breeze. You’ll be glad you did.