Flower Power melt and pour soap

A few weeks ago, I told you about how I salvaged an ugly loaf of melt and pour soap and created something pretty cool. If you missed that post, you can read it here. Now I want to show you what I meant to do all along.

Flower Power 2

Flower Power! Kind of pretty, isn’t it?

I used a flower shaped cookie cutter to cut out the flowers and a smaller circle cookie cutter to cut out the middle of each flower. I then carefully filled the middle of each flower with the yellow soap. I admit, I made a mess when I did this.

Soap Flowers

 Extreme cell phone close up!

In a loaf mold, I poured a thin layer of clear soap and quickly added the flowers. When that layer hardened, I poured my shea butter melt and pour. Since I had some blue scraps left over from making the flowers, I melted them down and made a blue stripe.

Flower Power 3


Flower Power is scented with honeysuckle fragrance oil and one whiff makes me think of warm spring days in my garden. The shea butter melt and pour is my favorite. It makes my skin so soft and smooth.

If I make this soap again, I won’t use a loaf pan because when I cut the bars I had to cut into the flowers. Next time, I’ll use a silicone brownie pan so that I can cut wider pieces and have more flowers on the top of each bar.

Want to see and smell this soap for yourself? It’s available in the Emmet Street Creations store. Supplies are limited so get yours today!