Happy Valentine’s Day! Why not put your love on lockdown to celebrate?

Love locks

This picture was taken by me on an unidentified bridge in Venice, Italy. There are eleventy billion bridges in Venice; certainly you don’t expect me to know them all?

Happy Valentine’s Day! I was trying to think of ideas to write about to commemorate the day, so I decided to check Facebook to procrastinate look for inspiration.

Fortunately during my dillydallying, I found my muse.

I stumbled upon a photo I took in Venice while I was waiting for my traveling companion to complete a souvenir purchase. To pass the time, I started walking around and snapping some pics; during my wandering I came upon a bridge that had bunches of padlocks attached to it. I didn’t know the details of the tradition, but it was clear it was some sort of romantic gesture. So I snapped a few pictures and made a mental note to look into the matter further when I returned home.

My hunch was correct. Apparently, these locks of love are found on bridges throughout Europe. Couples attach the locks to a bridge as a symbol of their love, then throw the key into  the river to show that their love can never be broken.

I wish I would have known about this tradition before my trip. I would have done it for me and my sweetheart… and maybe for you, Emmet Street Creations’ beloved readers!

Have you heard of this tradition? Have you and your sweetie participated in it? I’m a hopeless romantic and would love to hear your story! Please share in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day! Why not put your love on lockdown to celebrate?

  1. I have heard of this tradition, but I haven’t ever done it myself. Maybe when I see my husband in April, we will have to do this. I love the emotion that your picture evokes! Thanks for sharing it!

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