Coffee, tea or… soap?


I feel like a guest at Downton every time I see the name of this soap. In case you weren’t aware, bergamot is the ingredient that gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor—or, should I spell it flavour, in keeping with the British vernacular—it’s one of my favorite teas, and it is a regular mid-morning pick-me-up.

Bergamot essential oil is used to lightly infuse this Bergamot soap with the scent of a bergamot orange. As you nourish your skin with olive and avocado oil this soap contains, take in a whiff of the scent. Its gentle citrusy, bergamot orange rind scent will transport you to the grove in southern Italy where this orange was plucked. Just never, ever keep your pinkie finger pointed out while grasping the bar of soap. It is highly improper.