Wild Mushroom Soup

We’ve been on a bit of a soup kick here on Emmet Street. There’s just nothing like a steaming bowl of hearty soup in the middle of winter.

During a late fall trip to the Pacific Northwest, I ordered a bowl of wild mushroom soup for lunch that was hands down the best I have ever had. It was rich, hearty and filling with big meaty chunks of mushrooms. After that dining experience, I became obsessed with finding the perfect mushroom soup recipe.

When I returned to Ohio and the much colder temperatures, I started trolling the internet for mushroom soup recipes. My search led me to this recipe for Hungarian Wild Mushroom Soup from edibleportland.comBeing mostly Hungarian, I was intrigued. I loved the fact that this soup is chock-full-of mushrooms and not a lot else.

I used oyster, shiitake, trumpet and baby portobello mushrooms, but I think any mushrooms you can get your hands on will work. I replaced the milk with almond milk (hello, lactose intolerance) and used dried dill instead of fresh (hello, winter in Ohio). I used vegetable broth to make this a vegetarian dish.

The end result was hearty and filling. It can stand alone as a meal along with some crusty bread. I’ve made this soup twice in the last month and the second time, I made enough to freeze for dinners or lunches. I can guarantee it won’t sit in my freezer for long. Whip up a batch of this for your Super Bowl party and I guarantee your guests will rave.

Want another great soup recipe? Check out Kelly’s recipe for the easiest soup ever.

Do you have a favorite mushroom soup recipe? Please share it in the comments. I love trying new things!