Valentine’s Day indulgence (without the extra calories)

Vday gift pack

Healthier than a box of chocolates, longer lasting than a bouquet of roses, able to shake off the stress of the day in a single soak in the tub, Emmet Street CreationsChampagne and Roses gift set is the perfect gift for your beloved this Valentine’s Day.

Your sweetheart can’t help but smile and think of you (and your thoughtfulness) when using these cute, rose-scented, heart-shaped soaps in the bath or shower. The champagne-scented bath fizzy will leave your pookie feeling stress free and love drunk. You may want to buy two and keep one stashed away as a get-out-of-the-doghouse-free card!

Think you don’t have a Valentine this year? Think again! You will always be your best Valentine, so why not treat yourself to some Champagne and Roses? You’ll thank yourself for it.