Organization overload

What is it about this time of year that gets me so jazzed about decluttering and organizing my junk?

Is it a Pavlovian response to all the ads for storage containers that appear after Christmas? Is it because the winter weather has me cooped up, forcing me to face my cluttered ways? Which came first: My desire to organize after the holiday madness or the January marketing push that tells me that’s what I need to do?

Whatever it is, when I see the organizational displays in the store, I quiver like a teenaged boy picking up his prom date.

It’s crazy—I’m an organized Virgo, after all—I really don’t need new file folders, plastic totes, wicker baskets and jars with chalkboard paint on them. But when I see them, I WANT. And then I want to take a week off  from work and organize ALL. THE. THINGS!

It’s not necessarily a bad thing (well, the idea of using vacation time to organize your house is ill advised; I’ll give you that). After years of living in the same place, it’s a good idea to occasionally do a purge of things that are unused, unloved, or no longer fit my body, personality, or lifestyle. (Really, do I still need my Muppets lunchbox from third grade? Actually, yes I do. Thankyouverymuch.)

The thing I’ve been itching to do the most is convert an unused bedroom into a functional, organized home office and do it on the cheap. I’ve been trolling the internet for ideas and here are few I want to try once I get the bedroom furniture out and a suitable desk in:

  • Cereal box drawer dividers (They make good magazine organizers, too!)
  • The librarian in me loves this: Matchbooks made to look like tiny books to hold things like paperclips.
  • This organizer would help bring the outdoors in. It’d be nice to see a little greenery in my office in the dark days of winter.
  • Repurpose empty food cans to hold stuff? Why not? Here’s a gagillion cute ways.

How ‘bout you? Do you get the urge to declutter this time of year? What projects are on your wish list?