Appreciating the little things…

Did you not get the gift you were hoping for this Christmas? Are you doing a little early Valentine’s Day shopping for your beloved? What better gift can you give than a Bag of Butts!

What is a Bag of Butts? It’s not at all what you are imagining. Here’s a hint:

Bag of Butts

Our customers inspired the idea for the Bag of Butts. Folks said they were interested in trying samples of our soaps before they committed to a full-sized bar. Unfortunately, we don’t have molds small enough to make mini bars of soap… but we do have a bunch of end pieces (which we dubbed soap butts) from our regular batches that are not quite large enough to be a full-sized bar. Thus, the Bag of Butts was born!

Like our own heinies, no two pieces are the same size or shape. Your bag of booty will contain 4 to 5 butts of different scents. We will, of course, give you a list of the contents of the bag so you know which of our lovely scents gets the stink off your posterior the best.