The 12 soaps of Christmas: Day 9

Beachin 3

Nothing says Christmas to me like a day at the beach. Seriously.

For many years, some of my favorite Christmases were spent on a beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida. My parents wanted to flee the winter cold that had settled in. And, if I had to speculate, they also wanted to escape the frenzy of family gatherings we would be obligated to attend had we actually been in Ohio. (Thank you, Mom and Dad, for providing your introverted child the opportunity to avoid some of those functions. That was the greatest Christmas gift of all time.)

Looking at this soap reminds me of the ocean and the white sand beaches where my brothers and I spent hours looking for shells and other treasures that washed ashore when the tide rolled in. I can almost hear the waves hitting the shore. I think I’ll be booking a trip soon…

While I’m waiting for that day to come, I’ll use this Beachin’ soap and think fondly of Christmases past.